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Keen to learn the best of traditional tailoring, Boateng would find out who best stitched buttonholes, who set sleeves the best way, who made the best linings and so on, at the same time developing his own style and look.

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With the help of his mother, who was an excellent seamstress, he started selling his mother’s designs to passers-by along Portobello Road.

At twenty-three, disllusioned with a mundane job in IT, he had set himself up full-time in business.

But in the United States, most greet his name with a resounding, "Who?

"That's about to change, Boateng hopes, as he unleashes a publicity campaign that includes a partnership with Miller Genuine Draft and a starring role in his own eight-part reality series on the Sundance Channel called "House of Boateng." It debuts June 22."I'm all about capturing the American dream right now," says the 39-year-old. Motivated by a punk-rock girlfriend at age 16, he created a few men's outfits for a fashion show she put together.

The family, which included Boateng's two older siblings, lived in the Muswell Hill area of north London, but his parents divorced when Boateng was eight.

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