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Over the course of the binge watching session, my feelings morphed from genuine curiosity to a strange mixture of disgust and disbelief.

Being a ministry, a lot of times people look at us like we are supposed to be different.”When Kolby, 16, wants to date, her dad isn’t thrilled.

Yet his ability to instantly put someone in a chokehold keeps bad behavior in check.

Fully aware of the many shortfalls of reality TV in regards to sensationalism, sexism, race, etc., I still found myself watching the show long after my sister had left the room.

Instead of a series showing different facets of the trials and tribulations teenagers face as the child of a pastor, I found myself watching nearly 10 hours of purity culture in action.

The first teen we meet is Kolby, and she just wants to date. She runs this by her dad, Nikita, a former professional wrestler turned preacher over a "daddy-and-daughter lunch." Nikita with his shaved head and bulging muscles explains he doesn't think there is any need for Kolby to "experience" dating.

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