Who is dating jeffrey donovan

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My wife and I never officially got a honeymoon because of work so we’re actually going to take a few weeks off and travel out of the country and then when we come back it’ll be family time,” he says.

A diehard fan of Boston Red Sox who grew up in poverty, Jeffrey Donovan is now a well known name in the Hollywood.

His costar Gabrielle Anwar commented on the happy baby news to Celebuzz recently.

PHOTOS: 2012's babies of the year "He recently got married and I believe his wife had a baby within the last week as far as I know," the actress said.

We grew up on welfare – a single mom with three boys. Christmas would come around, she'd rewrap gifts she'd given us before. When you come home from school and the lights don't go on, you think: we're moving! While attending university, Donovan was a commercial bus driver at UMass Transit Service, where he operated passenger buses as part of the PVTA.

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