Ways to ruin a dating relationship

by  |  21-Jan-2020 11:19

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Psychological literature is rife with examples of behaviors that can hurt a romantic relationship. Read on and learn how to stop a breakup in its tracks.

Distancing yourself from your partner Recent research found there's a deadly combination of characteristics that predict relationship dissatisfaction: sensitivity to rejection and the tendency to cut your partner off emotionally.

New research on people high in narcissistic traits shows just how off-base our perceptions can be about the quality of our relationships.

According to Albright College’s Gwendolyn Seidman (2016), most people value warmth and loyalty—the intrinsic qualities to a relationship—more than the status, attractiveness, or even passion of their partners, or their extrinsic qualities.

You believe that your relationship with your partner is happy, and that your partner is as content as you are.

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