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Because of my hectic work schedule I arranged for the 3-day 2-night VIP package. The girls were so outgoing that it made it easy for me to feel at home. We later took a taxi ride out to a beachfront bar located a few minutes from the Viking Villa. There are several rumors as to why they had to close but we want to hold off on reporting rumors.

Upon arrival to the airport a man holding my name greeted me. I must admit I was a little nervous at first and wasn't quite sure what I was supposed to be doing. He quickly calmed my nerves and he even got me a beer! After a few drinks, I was taken to my villa where I would be staying. It was there that we got to talk and get know each other better. Before I knew it, it was time for us to return to the villa where we would have dinner. All of the gorgeous ladies were there, as well as the other friendly guests.

The Mc Murray Formation consists of fine- to coarse-grained quartzitic sand and sandstone, interbedded with lesser amounts of silt, mud, clay and, less commonly, thin coal beds.

The sands are very loose and friable, unless they are partially or fully cemented with bitumen, calcite or, rarely, quartz.

"If I allowed it to rule my life to that extent in that it affected my job, then I would be letting whoever these strange people are win.

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