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Image quality — Sharpness — Other IQ factors — IQ Utilities — Getting started — Imatest Instructions – general — Troubleshooting — Knowledge Base highlights — Sharpness modules — Tone, Color, Noise & Dynamic Range modules — Spatial & Uniformity modules — Miscellaneous modules and utilities — Industrial Testing edition — Appendix Introduction – Summary table – Image quality factors – Sharpness – Noise – Dynamic range – Color accuracy – Distortion – Uniformity – Lateral chromatic aberration – Veiling glare – Color moire – Software artifacts – Data compression – Printer quality factors – Print Dmax – Print color gamut Introduction – MTF – MTF equation – Slanted-edge measurements – MTF measurement matrix – Spatial frequency units – Summary metrics – Results – Noise reduction – Diffraction & Optimum aperture – Interpreting MTF50 – Auto-focus – Calculation details – Imatest vs.

ISO calculation – Linksrelates chart quality and size to MTF measurements; helps find the appropriate chart size for a camera with a given resolution.

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