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Your entry in the College Directory feeds information to Microsoft Outlook, the automated and operator switchboard directories, details held by Human Resources, so it is important that the information held about you is accurate and regularly updated.

If you require help with the College Directory, contact the ICT Service Desk.

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If you have created any additional contacts folders, these can also be included.

New contacts are created using the contact form, an Electronic Business Card, or by adding a person's name, e-mail address, or Electronic Business Card by saving them to your Contacts when received in e-mail messages.

This page documents such anti-patterns of social network design and implementation and provides (unfortunately) real world examples of such badly designed sites.

Many social networking sites ask you to , or "Find Your Friends", when what the feature really does is Spam your contacts.

“AOL tried to acquire an older user base in order to get a larger audience which they could increasingly monetise and Bebo kids didn’t want to be on Bebo with their parents,” said the former Bebo employee, adding that there was also a lack of investment in the product - “too many vice presidents and not enough developers”.

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