Updating bios in gigabyte ga 970a d3 vietnamese scam dating websites

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Edit: I've seen some posts saying this could be a kernel issue with my hardware. How can I install an older kernel on my old drive to see if I can get it to boot?

Edit 2: I can successfully boot into the i686 installer with no errors.

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My actual hardaware configuration is: - Motherboard: Gybabyte GA-970A - Memory: 2x Corsair CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9R banch (2 x 4gb) - The motherboard Bios configuration is updated to latest releases available on Gybyte official site. i'm not so skylled in hardware and i hope the problem is just in some wrong configurations.

If you can't find a bad module any where then pull the CPU and check the socket for bent pins. Also uneven pressure on the socket from an improperly installed CPU cooler.

I can successfully get to the installation shell prompt, but only when I have the bootable usb and a wired usb keyboard plugged into my 2 usb 3.0 slots.

When I don't have the install usb or my keyboard plugged into these slots, I get a slew of errors like the following: device descriptor read/64, error -32I'm sorry I can't post all of the errors, because I can't copy and paste it.

Gigabyte has been my go-to for a while now because they just work, and can survive even me working with them. If you've got the receipt and it's still within the specified time period of the vendor, I'd RMA that motherboard. But right now it sorta looks like im going down that road.

Updating bios in gigabyte ga 970a d3

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