Trust issues in the current dating world

by  |  08-Nov-2019 10:26

This was me talking about an ex i never loved, but felt secure with. He saw the conversation and flipped, threw me out of his house. I can be there when you need me btu not as a woman, ever again. I suspect anything you say or do now is too little, too late. So we have 6 months dating, fell in love very quick. My ex kissed me :o I want to be with him, I’d die if I see him again with his girlfriend, Im single want to be with him”. (You’re the only person I’ve want to spend the rest of my life with). Once a trust like that is broken, it’s almost impossible to regain it. And before you let yourself get involved with someone to the point that you are talking marriage, please make sure you are really done with any prior relationship.

The so-called ‘bitter black woman’ that has been used and abused in her past but somehow brings the issues into her new relationships, has a brother; and he’s known as the ‘bitter black man’.

And the woman who men consider full of baggage because of kids, bad relationships, or credit debt is also not alone.

The key to avoiding abuse and promoting trust is to consciously strive everyday to build a safe emotional space.

And let me say at the outset that, if you feel you are in an abusive relationship based on the definition I just gave, seek help immediately. Develop the skill of being a good listener, which is one of the hardest skills to develop. " Always make sure you've fully understood what the other person has said.

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