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Inside she wrote, “Happy birthday to my nine-year-old brother. A Greek writer named Lucian, who lived from about A. 120-200, said of the early Christians, “It is incredible to see the fervor with which the people of that religion help each other in their wants. Their first legislator [Jesus] has put it into their heads that they are all brethren.” (Cited by Irving L. 52.) Up to this point, Ephesians has not been a very personal letter. Don’t read this out loud or I will twist your head off.” (Adapted from [Jan., 1999], p.I want to send global, sky-writing airplanes telling the life-change that happens beneath a steeple.

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READ ALSO: 6 photos of Mercy Kyallo that prove she is hotter than her sister, KTN's Betty Kyallo 11. The problem is when you are lying on his chest then his ribs draw Adidas lines on your face.13. He took a rib from a man and created a loudspeaker.14.

Check your girlfriend’s body, if she has more tattoos or piercings, you can cheat on her. Some girls don’t attend the gym but look physically fit because of running from one man to another.15.

All I hear always is, "No sex before marriage." If that was God's plan, then you would receive your penis or vagina on your wedding day.10.

Respect pregnant women because it is not easy walking around with evidence that you have had sex.

It’s all the more pronounced when you stop and think about Paul’s circumstances. He was getting up in years and his health was probably not great.

Stop dating the church quotes

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