Speed dating in santa ana

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I’d be really disappointed if I were you,” she says, adding that it would be great if everyone wanted to continue anyway.

The point of the night, after all, is to meet people and make art. After a bit of embarrassed laughter, the mood lightens up.

Speed dating in santa ana

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Speed-dating singles were supposed to use short drawing exercises as their ice breakers at El Segundo Museum of Art. Speakers in the gallery rock low strains of a romantic playlist including “True” by the 1980s new wave band Spandau Ballet, and fragrant perfume drifts through the air. as the awkward truth of the situation dawns on the women.

Eight women mill about the museum lobby, carefully dressed and nervously snacking on a cheese and veggie platter laid out beside bottles of Champagne and wine.

Los Angeles is in the upper left of this image, and San Diego is near the center.

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