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The news is especially shocking for Malaysians, who are still coming to grips with the fact that a foreigner had abused , and we’re only now learning about it, years after the abuse had taken place. Many have renewed the call for a sex offender registry.The idea being that if we start registering sex offenders, we could more easily monitor them, and be able to limit their ability to abuse children.

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The sex of human and all mammalian babies may be determined by a simple modification of a virus that insinuated itself into the mammalian genome as recently as 1.5 million years ago, a new Yale University-led study has found.“Basically, these viruses appear to allow the mammalian genome to continuously evolve, but they can also bring instability,” said Andrew Xiao of the Department of Genetics and Yale Stem Cell Center, senior author of the paper published online March 30 in the journal Nature.

“Aside from the embryo, the only other places people have found this virus active is in tumors and neurons.”Xiao and the Yale team discovered a novel mechanism by which the early embryo turns off this virus on the X chromosome, which ultimately determines the sex of an organism.

If the level of this molecular marker is normal, X chromosomes remain active, and females and males will be born at an equal ratio.

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