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Före OS-silvret hade hon en sjätteplats i cykel-VM som främsta merit.

Johansson, bosatt i Belgien och Norge tillsammans med sin man och tillika tränare Martin Vestby, tävlar för det australiska stallet ORICA-AIS. Emma Johansson är världsetta efter tävlingen Baskien runt den 17 april 2016.

This pose shows off her bright markings, which, according to a report published by The Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology, are a visible warning to potential predators that she is toxic.

The markings, however, do not appear to frighten off prey.

The ecclesiastical settlement continued alongside the Viking longphort, with the two developing a type of symbiotic relationship; the Norsemen providing otherwise unobtainable trade goods for the monastery, and perhaps also military aid.

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