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It does not apply to potentially having to break a tie for first place, which is for another post that would likely take up far too much of everyone's time. The next tiebreaker would be Penn and Columbia's respective records against Brown and Dartmouth combined. At that point, the ratings index average tiebreaker would come into play. Scenario 3: It gets really complicated Dartmouth beats Penn Brown beats Columbia Penn beats Harvard Columbia beats Yale Penn and Columbia would both have splits with Harvard and Yale.

Penn has an advantage in that heading into the weekend. So the bid would again come down to results against the teams ranked below the Quakers and Lions in the standings.

One major disclaimer: You will see scenarios in here in which the Harvard-Princeton result does not matter.

That only applies to breaking the tie for fourth place. Scenario 1: Brown beats Cornell Penn beats Dartmouth Columbia beats Brown Yale beats Cornell Harvard beats Princeton Penn beats Harvard Columbia beats Yale Brown beats Cornell Dartmouth beats Princeton Princeton 12-1Harvard 11-3Yale 8-6Penn/Columbia 7-7Brown/Dartmouth 4-10Cornell 3-11 Penn and Columbia have both been swept by Princeton and split with Harvard and Yale. Each team would have a win over Harvard, and Columbia would have two losses to Yale.

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