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Most recently a small delegation of Druze soldiers and medical personnel were visiting Los Angeles in support of Israeli non-profit organizations. Iranian Jews at the Beverly Hills-based Nessah Synagogue cheered, embraced and showered the Israeli Druze delegation with love during a special luncheon last weekend. Simon Etehad, the out-going president of the Nessah Synagogue for welcoming the Druze delegation to Los Angeles and showing them that L.

To an outsider, it might sound like I’m hitting on Israel Nebeker throughout this chat without the Blind Pilot frontman, and that’s probably because I might have been. Either way, this bashful bike-lover was affable and sweet, working hard to answer my scattered questions about marshmallows and songwriting, all while maintaining the cordiality to laugh at all my mediocre jokes.

You may have heard of Blind Pilot (Nebeker, Ryan Dobrowski, Luke Ydstie, Kati Claborn, Ian Krist, Dave Jorgensen) when you read about a crazy band doing a bike tour from the Northwest Coast down to Southern California.

Canadian research into trysting among young, healthy couples determined that women burn 3.1 calories per minute during sex, and men burn 4.2 calories.

This is considered moderately intense activity, similar to ballroom dancing, walking or yard work.

In reality, however, it is one of the most common Facebook mistakes that people make. For this reason, hot profiles are an extremely effective method used by hackers to get malware onto people’s devices.

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