Scrabble stats not updating

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Scrabble pillow on the Internet to give to him as a "Thank You" gift at Awards Night...because 29 years ago, when I handed out information sheets for our members to fill in, Larry handed back his sheet with the letters "NMN" for the middle name spot (No Middle Name).

At that point, 29 years ago, I told him that from now on his middle name would be known as "Phoney" me with a gift of their appreciation.

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Bundle 2: Billion users club Please note that some of these numbers are easier to find than others.

A list of words that contain At, and words with at in them.

This works fine, as I use it when the Child window loads, so the list box gets the list from the database, however when a user selects one of the items in the listbox, they have the option to edit the selected item.

So one the edit is in place, there is an edit button, which updates the column in the table in the database.

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