Radiometric dating of fossils america is joseph gordon levitt dating devon aoki

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Does radiometric dating show that rocks are millions of years old? This dating method requires assumptions about the content of the original rocks and the decay rate in the past.

Since the Bible is clear about the earth’s age of thousands of years, the popular assumptions are wrong.

It’s like making sure that an hourglass clock was set with all the sand in the top bowl at the beginning.

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Contrary to Scripture, many geologists claim that radiometric “clocks” show rocks to be millions of years old.

However, to read any clock accurately we must know where the clock was set at the beginning.

God’s word unmistakably teaches a young earth and universe (“the heavens”).

God has ensured the accurate recording and preservation of His eyewitness account of the earth’s history, which Jesus Christ endorsed repeatedly during His earthly ministry.

God took great care to include the necessary chronological details of the universe’s creation in six literal days, as well as the unbroken genealogies of mankind from Adam to Jesus.

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