Pot partner dating site

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I live by myself, in my own flat, in a short distance from the beautiful Tel-Aviv beach.

I'm an interesting, intelligent, easy going guy with a lot of...

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Under "Media Stuff" users can reveal what they read "on the can," what their "DVD is usually spinning," and what their "Jukebox beats to."Profiles also include an insanity test (ink-blot included!

) and a purity test, the results of which classify users' "lusty purity" as (strangely) republican/conservative, "super friek" promiscuous, plain "frieky" or playful. Users can find each other by searching, or through the Casual Kiss community, which includes clubs (such as Southern Ontario Singles, or Young Tarts For Old Farts), categorized message boards and Casual Kiss-hosted blogs of other members.

Today, it's prevalent with pretty much anyone who uses marijuana, although more so in North America.

There are even 420 dating sites catering to people with this interest.

Smokers Match allows you to search for singles that you fancy in a specific area of the UK.

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