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Nowadays, in the reality TV world, occasions are few and far between for viewers to see a real, genuine moment.If anything is contrived, you can just feel it — but on Tuesday night’s “The Challenge,” the love triangle between Laurel, Cara Maria and newbie competitor Nicole is anything but.

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You won't have to memorize bra sizes or blood types; instead, you'll wield snappy one-liners steeped in referential humor.

The game stars Erica (concealed deep within frumpy, faded jeans), who's caught between the allegiances of friendship and the urges of her loins.

They broke up because of their incompatibilities, so what’s the point in staying friends anymore?

Compose a symphony of drama, romance and handsome boys in this Best Otome story.

All your life, you’ve focused strictly on practice and performance—and you’ve done it alone. Only You Can Decide Your Path to success and love...===Character Profiles===Tetsuya - Cellist.

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