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Eastern time on a Saturday, and which had a death toll more than four times higher than those of the Istanbul and Dhaka attacks combined?

A spokesperson for said there were two reasons no alert went out about Baghdad.

The app was approved once again and restored to the App Store later the same day after removing The New York Times feed.

In 2011 Pulse was selected as one of 50 apps in Apple’s App Store Hall of Fame and named one of TIME’s top 50 i Phone apps of the year.

In the span of seven days—the final week of Ramadan—an attack in Istanbul’s airport killed dozens and injured hundreds; a group of militants took hostages at a cafe in Dhaka, executing 20 people during a 11-hour ordeal; a pair of bombs killed nearly 300 people in a popular shopping street in Baghdad, marking the deadliest attack in the city since 2003; and four suicide attackers in Saudi Arabia detonated bombs near two mosques and a U. Eric Bishop, the newspaper’s assistant editor for mobile, walked me through the thought process that led up to two push notifications being sent in the hours after the Istanbul bombings last week.“We tend to be a little bit more conservative when there’s breaking news, making sure that we feel very confident about the facts before we push it,” Bishop said.

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