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That the defendant and the woman who was recorded were engaged in the crime of prostitution does not mean that the woman relinquished her reasonable expectation of privacy under sub.

Permission to be viewed in the nude does not mean permission to be recorded in the nude, and permission to engage in sexual acts with someone does not mean permission to record that person in the nude.

Ridges of sand support oaks, but the slough margins are nearly pure silver maple.

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The question for purposes of the privacy element is not whether the nude person had a reasonable expectation that the defendant would view him or her nude at the time of the recording, but whether the nude person had a reasonable expectation, under the circumstances, that he or she would not be recorded in the nude.

did not purport to provide a definition of reasonable expectation of privacy covering all circumstances.

Silver maple, elm, basswood, and ash dominate the forest; other trees include swamp white oak, cottonwood, willow, river birch, and hackberry.

Openings in the canopy due to elm mortality have a dense understory of prickly ash, gray dogwood, buckthorn, and young trees.

Sand bars and ephemeral pools along the river add considerable diversity. Nesting birds include these uncommon species: cerulean (Dendroica cerulea), Kentucky (Oporornis formosus), prothonotary (Protontaria citrea) and mourning warblers, winter wren, and brown creeper.

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