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Standard licensed doses of H1-antihistamines are ineffective in completely relieving symptoms in many patients for whom increasing the dosage up to fourfold is recommended.However, the guidelines do not offer any comparisons of individual drugs.Medicinal chemistry was very different in those days compared with the present day as elegantly described by Emanuel in his review entitled "Histamine and the antiallergic antihistamines: a history of their discoveries."[] The usual way of testing novel compounds was to measure histamine-induced contractions of pieces of muscle from experimental animals, usually guinea-pig intestine, suspended in an organ bath.

Oral antihistamines are the most commonly prescribed allergy medication.

Finding the best antihistamines can sometimes be a confusing issue, since so many OTC and prescription choices are available.

To make a preliminary prediction of the likely efficacy of an H1-antihistamine in humans, two pieces of information are required, its absolute potency at the histamine H1-receptor and its concentration at the sites of these receptors in vivo.

The absolute potency or receptor affinity (Ki) is determined in vitro by competitive binding studies with radioactive mepyramine using isolated cells usually containing cloned H1-receptor.

This review will concentrate on the histamine H A, Diagram of a histamine H1-receptor in a membrane showing the 7 transmembrane domains.

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