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But did they make it through to 2017 or end up as a celebrity split? News' insider: "Kendall is seeing a few people, and she's not exclusive with anyone at the moment.Though now a legend for her job on the classic show "Wheel of Fortune," a young Vanna White tried her hand on the other side of the game show world when she appeared as a contestant on "The Price Is Right." As one of the first four to "come on down," Vanna sadly couldn't make it on stage — but she still left an impression on Bob Barker, who was sure to comment on her custom made t-shirt.

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Image Source: Before you saw him on before he landed the role that would make him famous.

There’s no actual footage of the episode but Oscar says it doesn’t matter because he didn’t win the date anyway.

Although he later admitted that he looked like he was on crack, Paul bounced through contestant's row at the time, playing the dice game and making it to the final showcase showdown, where he and his other competitor both overbid.

The hilarious Steve Martin is not just a skilled actor, but a talented musician as well. ) competed on Nickelodeon's action-packed game show "Guts." Though starting off strong, he was bested by the purple player Jaime and finished in second overall.

You wouldn’t think that they are.” Barrymore confirmed, “My friend’s on a dating app. I didn’t even know what that meant.” But thanks to the talk show host, the actress was able to get some practice right there and then. As Barrymore rejected quite a few other handsome celebs, De Generes hilariously confessed, “Even I would’ve chosen four of those guys.” John Mayer got a rather pointed, “Oh, no,” but a different John (we won’t spoil who) nearly had Barrymore jumping out of her seat.

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