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These American (and one Canadian, or Canadien) teams — college and pro — have the most loyal and unruly followings, each of which demonstrates its love by singing, chanting, screaming and cursing its team to victory on a regular basis.

What makes a college football fan base great and not just good? Oh, and making your stadium a living hell to play in every Saturday, every fall, that always helps, too.

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LSU tailgaters are known for bragging about the variety of foods they have, but some of the mystery meats cooked outside of tiger stadium are raunchy enough to turn a dog away.

, is the classic example of the typical Auburn fan.

With that in mind, here's how the stadiums in the SEC stack up.

Opened: 1924Capacity: 92,5422012 Attendance: 92,626 (7th nationally)Be it the vast and unique tailgating menu or Richter Scale-inducing fans, few places in the nation can send chills down your spine like a game at Tiger Stadium.

Dick Young, one of America's pioneering sportswriters of the 20th century, said it best: "Fans are the only ones who really care.

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