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There’s an endless sea of new faces and people to reply to, with just as many cheesy chat-up lines and seedy “you up? Finding someone you like is always a minefield, and there’s a reason kissing frogs before meeting your prince/princess is a well-worn cliche.

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Conversation flows naturally for a couple hours, with each beginning to learn about the background and interests of the other.

After dessert, the gentleman pays for the meal and then drives the lady home.

For those of us who don’t feel like monogamy works, or for those who just want to meet new people and expand their horizons, dating apps have opened up a new world where you don’t have to scour the earth for a potential partner.

Women may not want a knight in shining armour any more – but they’d still like a date to behave like a gentleman.

Instead, nearly three-quarters think that chivalry is dead, a survey has found.

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