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LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Brad Pitt took to the red carpet at a fan event for his latest film "Allied" in Los Angeles on Wednesday, hours after he was cleared of child abuse allegations and applied for shared custody of his children with Angelina Jolie.

Mrs Matthews, 35, a textile artist, cried as she said: “We had no idea, all the baby books say that slings are good for babies.

I tried to do emergency CPR.” Dr Brittain said Eric, who was later transferred for treatment at Great Ormond Street Hospital, suffered a “significant, irreversible, hypoxic injury to the brain” and in consultation with doctors it was decided to withdraw life support.

"I don't know much about the espionage world and what it took to get behind enemy lines and to plant your characters, so that was really interesting," Pitt said of the film, which will be in theaters on Nov. The actor plays Canadian army officer Max Vartan, who goes undercover in Casablanca during World War Two, paired up with Cotillard's lively French spy Marianne Beausejour, to assassinate a German Nazi ambassador.

While the pair flawlessly play a happily wedded couple during their undercover stint, they soon find themselves falling in love for real. Parts of "Allied" echo Pitt's 2005 spy action movie "Mr & Mrs.

In the opening scene, Max (Pitt) parachutes into the dimpled orange dunes of the Moroccan desert, then wanders into the shadowy white-walled maze of a city.

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