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This, in turn, implies the use of one default EPS bearer plus one or two dedicated EPS bearers.

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You can also do a quick search using the format 'manufacturer/game_name', where the manufacturer (before the slash) is part of the manufacturer name, and game_name (after the slash) is a part of the machine name.

For example: 'bal/addams' will find Bally's 'The Addams Family'.

I also looked in the FF cache with Video Cache View, after playing the embedded video, just in case, but there was nothing there.

Never got as far as trying Stream Transport, RMC, or anything else from the toolkit, because the next stop was Coojah Blader. MP4, but never mind about that -- which looks a lot better playing as a standalone in VLC than it ever looked playing as a webpage embed.

During the initial attach procedure, some devices choose to name the access point through which they prefer to connect.

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