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At forty-one, Louie is baffled by the shape his life is taking, especially by the fact that his divorce has conferred on him full parental authority every other week. His own father, he tells a friend in one episode, was “not around,” and he wants to do it differently.The show is set to jazz, and the sweeping, wheeling camera and music are the chief instruments of comedy, along with C. But the show is always threatening to pull the rug out from under Louie’s great-dad conceit—not because he isn’t a good father, but because the value of his work is unknown and unknowable.Another way to appreciate its cultural significance and its genius is to consider this: Louie may be the first sitcom featuring children that’s wholly inappropriate for children to watch. Louie is a rumpled, out-of-shape, unfashionably goateed white man who has not aged into comfortable success.

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The same social forces that have brought more men into the web of child care have also revealed that children do fine with all kinds of caretakers: grandparents, nannies, day care workers—pretty much any reliable, kind adult could perform any one of Louie’s tasks with no detriment to his daughters. Does it really matter that he cooks their meals from scratch?

Do all these clocked hours make a difference in the end?

Every time you say something that's offensive to another person you just caused a discussion.

His latest series, “Horace and Pete,” was distributed solely through louisck.net; after its first run on his site, Hulu picked up the syndicated streaming rights.

We have added an audio-only download option to the Live at the Beacon special.

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