Jennifer damiano and adam chanler berat dating canberra dating events

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[NATALIE] Well, she might be some day [HENRY] But for now it's all fine?

[HENRY] You look like a star A vision in blue [NATALIE] Oh I do? you came [NATALIE] Well, I said that I might [HENRY] I thought we were through Me and you [NATALIE] Not tonight [HENRY] Will your mom be okay?

Cause everyone knows you tried But somehow something died On the way So tell me why you stay [DIANA/NATALIE] Why stay? Enduring and coping and hurting and hoping For day after fucking day Why stay?

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In the past year, she's gone from a Tony-nominated gig to the role of a lifetime in the biggest, baddest, and often ugliest Broadway musical ever.

No matter what you think of the show, you certainly have to respect this young lady's work ethic and tenacity.

Under Michael Greif's observant eye, the cast of six— which includes J.

Robert Spencer as Diana's loyal husband, Jennifer Damiano as her ignored daughter and the charismatic Aaron Tveit as her idealized son—provides excellent support.

All guests must be 21 or over and are asked to dress in festive attire.

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