Idiot guide to dating

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Idiot guide to dating

And with the rise of dating apps like Tinder and Grindr, it’s never been easier for you to, ahem, accommodate them.

You no longer have to get a wingman to go out with at the weekend, dress to impress, take a wad of cash for drinks and target a group of potential mates to chat up with the hope that one of them is pissed enough to want to bump nasties at the end of the night. The downside to this approach was always that the one you got would inevitably be so pissed that they are sick over you and ultimately too squiffy to be up for a fumble, passing out, snoring loudly and taking up the whole of your bed while you’re left to masturbate in the lounge to some porn to get your rocks off.

Good luck finding a Western girl who will cook, clean, massage, still work, and take care of you in the bedroom.

The best way to meet Thai women is by using the best dating sites.

Of course, some of you men still don’t understand the idea of consent.

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