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But, with such a limited time in the country, we decided to head to the region to visit 3 highly accessible UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the monasteries of Alcobaca, Batalha and Tomar. w=396&h=594&crop&ssl=1" width="396" height="594" data-original-width="396" data-original-height="594" itemprop=" title="Detailed-ceilings-and-tiles-of-Alcobaca-Portugal" alt="The detailed sacristy entrance at the Monastery of Alcobaca." style="width: 396px; height: 594px;"/ We headed further into the church and then I saw it. of Batalha Monastery in Portugal." style="width: 796px; height: 531px;"/ It was made even more striking when compared to the very plain Claustro de Dom Afonso V which is also on site. w=548&h=366&crop&ssl=1" width="548" height="366" data-original-width="548" data-original-height="366" itemprop=" title="Inside-the-unfinished-chapels-of-Batalha-Portugal" alt="The Unfinished Chapels of Batalha Monastery are in the shape of an octagon." style="width: 548px; height: 366px;"/ The third and final monastery on our list was in the town of Tomar, which is roughly 40 minutes east of Batalha on highway IC9. w=271&h=181&crop&ssl=1" width="271" height="181" data-original-width="271" data-original-height="181" itemprop=" title="Cemetery-Cloister-in-the-Knights-Templar-Castle-in-Tomar-Portugal" alt="Cemetery Cloister in Convento do Cristo, Tomar, Portugal." style="width: 271px; height: 181px;"/ Washing Cloister in Convento do Cristo in Tomar, Portugal.

At only 100 km north of Lisbon, the town of Alcobaca is an excellent choice for a day trip from Lisbon. w=796&h=637&crop&ssl=1" width="796" height="637" data-original-width="796" data-original-height="637" itemprop=" title="The-detailed-front-of-Alcobaca-Portugal" alt="Front entrance of the Monastery of Alcobaca in Alcobaca, Portugal." style="width: 796px; height: 637px;"/ During 17th and 18th centuries, the original Gothic facade was altered such that only the doorway and rose window were part of the original concept. Today it holds a UNESCO World Heritage Site designation and is Portugal’s largest gothic church. The Tombs of Dom Pedro and Dona Ines laying foot to foot. The open-air unfinished Chapels in the eastern end of the Abbey was the last spot we visited in the Monastery of Batalha. Placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1983, the Convento do Cristo is impossible to miss when driving into the small city of Tomar. w=796&h=637&crop&ssl=1" width="796" height="637" data-original-width="796" data-original-height="637" itemprop=" title="Castle-of-the-Knights-Templar-in-Tomar-Portugal" alt="View of Convento do Cristo once you enter Tomar, Portugal." style="width: 796px; height: 637px;"/ We started our tour at the Charola. w=483&h=386&crop&ssl=1" width="483" height="386" data-original-width="483" data-original-height="386" itemprop=" title="Knights-Templar-church-in-Tomar-Portugal2" alt="The Manueline church as viewed from the Great Cloister of the Convent of Christ in Tomar, Portugal." style="width: 483px; height: 386px;"/ From the church, we explored the many cloisters within the monastery.

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