Got reject for frame retransmitting frame now updating nr

by  |  12-Feb-2020 14:36

got reject for frame retransmitting frame now updating nr-72

At that point in the packet it appears I have my POST'd data. I am using standard ethernet so no radio encryption. I gave up on an attempt, the simple webserver is not all that great at parsing the get command, it just decodes the file name if it happens to be in a single packet.

Then look for content-length and then look for \r\n\r\n. David Kopf wrote: As far as I know post is not handled by any example.

After completing the previous 3 steps, you're ready to re-file.

In your Turbo Tax program, click File in the upper-right area (mobile devices: tap in the upper-left corner to open the side menu, then tap File).

There likely is a data mismatch at the government, a dependent that's already been claimed, or some other "unfixable" situation that blocks you from e-filing.

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