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, i.i; nil; Ho ROUGH OF Wl UUDtt AEREAHDTHBCODKTV OF Ll. James' Orphan Asylum 438 Bridoewater School 439-446 Bethany Orphans' Home (Woraelsdorf) 447-450 Tressler Orphans' Home 451-458 Home for Friendless Children for the City and County of Lancaster 459-465 Mercer School 466-479 Mansfield School 480^92 Industrial School 493, 494 Butler Orphan Home 495-499 St. Buchanan, though he lacked a majority over both his competitors, was elected by a decided plurality. rth« United States, to enforce the laws and repossess I'l arsenals, i m- i oi the North were slow to admit that there would be PEN^'SYLVANIA^S SOLDIERS' ORPHAN SCHOOLS. The South had so often threatened, and so often been quieted by fresh compromises, that it was diflficult to believe that now she meant anything more than to establish a position for extorting advantageous concessions.

425-430 Onj BCB Home for Children (Kpiscor , ,.i:a. John's Orphan Asylum 500-502 Catholic Home 503, 504 St. The beginning of his administration was disturbed by a remarkable ruling of the Ch lei- Justice of the United States, to the effect that a freetl in'^rro -lave, or a descendant of a slave, could never become a citiz Mi ( admit int.. Ruffians" did not participate, the pro-slavery l IUl Ki U w;ui rejected by ton tliousand majority. Indeed, honorable terms of peace were even now offered, but were rejected by the secessionists.

" " 220 Dayton School " " 242 Habford School " " 265 Casbville School " " 283 Philliphburoh School (Front View)... " " 882 Educational Home " " 390 Chbiteb Sprinos School " " 409 Church Home for Children (Episcopal), Angora, Phila- delphia " " 431 Bbiduewatkr School " " 439 Tbbmlbr Orphans' Home " " 451 Mbbcbe School " " 466 Mabifibld Hc H(xi H. In 1856, the new organization noiniiiated Colonel John C.

He has taken over ongoing roles for voice actors Shigezō Sasaoka, Eiji Kanie, Shinji Nakae, Daisuke Gōri and Hirotaka Suzuoki after their deaths.

A number of his foreign film-dubbing roles are occupied by Tesshō Genda in different editions of those films.

This game is so difficult that you get seven ships to fight them with.

Galacta adds power-ups like shields and lasers, occasionally an asteroid will enter the playing field, and the enemies don't merely enter the screen in formation, they fly in formation for the entire level.

Vincent's College 505-510 Orphans' Home 511 "Children's Home," of York 512-515 St. iht Tnion as a State, the pro-slavery and the •"^'"•'■" ' '''11 ill that 'i(riit(each framed a State Constitution. * v( iit((l by violence from voting against the Coij*Luliou framed in t he iiit( i ( sts of slavery ; nevertheless. During all the month of March, and on to the middle of April, Mr.

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