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Other result showed external factors (perceived mobility value, perceived social interaction value and prior experience) proven have positive effect to perceived usefulness.

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Keywords: Mobile Learning, Extended-Tam, Behavioral Intention To Use, Perceived Usefullnes, Perceived Ease To Use, Attitude Toward Using Behera, Santosh Kumar.

Knowledge Tree e-journal: An e-journal of Flexible Learning in VET, 30 (3), 214-218.

The sample was Economic Education students of Semarang State University who have taken courses learning development. (2007); & Zhu et al., (2012) have been used to collect the data. Journal of Systems and Information Technology, 16 (1), 40-61.

Data analysis used path analysis to test hypothesis and analysis data.

The effectiveness and risks of long-term opioid treatment of chronic pain [Evidence Report/Technology Assessment No. Beliefs and attitudes about opioid prescribing and chronic pain management: survey of primary care providers.

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