Doubts radiometric dating

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Church of England ordination required a bachelor's degree from an English university, so he entered Christ's College at Cambridge in 1828.

Doubts radiometric dating

In this belief system the value of human life is discounted and the value of animal life is inflated.

Hitler and others have justified their evil actions based on evolutionary thinking ("survival of the fittest").

Now consider whether the Church could encourage giving to Scripture a sense contrary to the holy Fathers and all the Latin and Greek commentators.” Today, however, the astronomical evidence for the earth’s movement around the sun is so strong that there is almost no one who doubts it, even among those who take the Bible to be an inerrant revelation of God’s word.

It appears that in this instance there has been a shift of biblical interpretation over time to fit the scientific evidence.

But it adds that the the butchering took place at an astonishing time: 130,000 years ago — well more than a hundred millennia before humans are thought to have arrived in North America.

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