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That I have exceeded the 10,000 hour expertise threshold by a solid factor of at least four. From a hierarchical corporate structure to mano a mano with an owner or a marketing director, I flourish.

The Tellme font and text were chosen because they have an inviting feel with the bounce of a good conversation.

Taking a scientific research company and applying to it’s brand a medical stance was my focus for Cells4Life.

There are 5 DNS records, such as,, and dns1.

Internet Services Inc (Texas, Houston) is the location of the Apache/1 server.

I am now married with two children, in large part because I wised up and moved out of the isolated rural area., my new dear friend Your algorithm ran again You searched within a hundred miles of here You turned up dudes who last logged in last year My “Five Daily Matches” are all active in the NRA But that’s OK I’ll just keep sighing and hitting “not interested” My inbox brought me yesterday A married guy who wrote to say He felt that I was his one soulmate He’d make a great governor candidate But hon, I’m not gonna hike down Appalachian Trail Filed under “FAIL” I’ll just keep sighing and hitting “not interested” So today’s fan mail–let’s see…

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