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The first aluminum cookware was a tea kettle made around 1893.In 1903 the company moved to new premises at 12th and Raspberry Streets.While there are a few mistakes and the prices are not always up to date, it is an excellent book with many, clear photos. Also includes chapters on Martin, Lodge, Vollrath, and Excelsior (G. Again, be careful of the information because of the frequent mistakes. Includes the following bulletins: A-9 Cast Aluminum Ware, E-5 Extra-Finished Iron Hollow Ware, W-7 Waffle Irons, D-5 Dampers and Stove Hardware, K-4 Household Hardware Specialties, R-8 Gas Hot Plates, O-2-B Bolo Ovens, H-6 Gas Heaters.

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Sometimes incorrectly called Smoke Ring, Fire Ring, or another name, none are correct since the heat ring has nothing to do with smoke or fire.

Griswold called what we collectors have named "heat ring" just "rim" or "rimmed bottom" in their early catalogs.

was an American manufacturer of cast iron home products founded in Erie, Pennsylvania, in 1865 that finally closed in 1957. In 1884 Matthew Griswold patented and manufactured a wheeled spittoon.

For many years the company had a world-wide reputation for high-quality cast-iron cookware. Over the years that followed the company added products such as kettles, Dutch ovens, roasters, a grid iron and other various pots and pans.

She was given the job of handling letters asking for advice on using the company's products.

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