carbon dating the iceman - Dating spam bot

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This has led to the evolution of more sophisticated spambots that are able to recover e-mail addresses from character strings that appear to be munged, or instead can render the text into a web browser and then scrape it for e-mail addresses.

Alternative transparent techniques include displaying all or part of the e-mail address on a web page as an image, a text logo shrunken to normal size using inline CSS, or as text with the order of characters jumbled, placed into readable order at display time using CSS.

The problem has grown so serious it’s hurt Twitter’s relationship with advertisers and celebrities alike.

But Twitter spam bots aren’t limited to just pushing cam chats, questionable dating sites and pharmaceuticals, they’ve branched out into other areas as well.

Their accounts, at least in the sample I looked at, are marked more by lower follower/following counts, high tweet counts and, most bizarrely, images of beautiful women.

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