boxing dating eventing single - Dating someone whose parents divorced

by  |  29-Aug-2019 19:03

The arrangement my parents came to - to be 'fair' to each other, and me - was joint custody.

Children with divorced parents have experienced a different kind of violent, traumatic collision.

And every child of divorce must likewise walk a path of healing.

Recently I was allowed to sit in on a family court hearing as part of some research I was doing for a television script, and one of the cases concerned a three-year-old girl whose divorced parents were determined to have exactly half of her time each.

I watched as the judge literally drew lines across a calendar, saying it was not easy to be fair to all parties.

Then I realised why: I had identified with her so strongly that I'd even conjured her up in my mind as pale with dark curls. When I was five, my parents' marriage also came to an end.

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