Dating scan colchester

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Hi everybody, went for 12 week scan today and baby had no heartbeat, i am devastated, after my bleeding between 6 and 8 weeks i thought things were ok as baby had heartbeat at 8 and a half weeks and i had no more bleeding until an hour before the scan, saw baby on screen which was strange, i now have to decide whether to wait for things to happen natually or go into hospital, they think the baby died at 10 and a half weeks so was walking around with dead baby inside for 2 weeks and have to carry on knowing its dead inside me, its surreal, not sure how i feel at the moment hi hun im so sorry Its not much comfort but i just recently went through the same thing as you and i can understand how your feeling but it will get better, If you ever wanna chat hun PM me anytime.

I don't usually write comments but must this time really commend this place.

The situation right on the Main Street is great and the clean, quiet comfortable room was perfect .

The stand out feature however was the staff who went out of their way to help with organising onward travel and were generally warm, helpful and friendly. The hotel is excellent and the staff are extremely wonderful.

An obvious thing is to ask your GP if the NHS hospital will do it privately, some NHS hospitals do offer private stuff, but a word of warning here, I have a friend out of London who is with BUPA and normally comes up to see consultants in London but he recently got some tests done privately at the local hospital and wasn’t very satisfied, he felt they were over priced compared to even the top people he manages to get to see in London, and they weren’t terribly efficient, I think they lost some of the results or didn’t do all the tests they were supposed to.

Dating scan colchester

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