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Gavin Schmidt, director of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies.

All December 2016 would have to do to clinch the planet's third straight record warm year would be to match the average December seen so far this century, according to NOAA's report.

Earlier in 2016, the globe had set a record warm mean temperature 16 straight months ending in August, the longest such stretch of months a new record high temperature was set for each respective month in NOAA's 137-year record.

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Scientists had thought it would take at least half a billion years for life to form after the molten Earth started to cool a bit, but this shows it could have happened quicker, he said.

That's because the newly found fossil is far too complex to have developed soon after the planet's first life forms, he said.

Allen Nutman, a University of Wollongong geologist who has studied the rocks there since 1980, said one day he and his colleagues were working at the site when they spied some outcroppings they'd never seen before.

The formations had been exposed where the snow pack had melted — the result, Nutman said, of the global warming that is so pronounced in Greenland or of low levels of snowfall the previous winter.

And that may also give hope for life forming elsewhere, such as Mars, said study co-author Martin Van Kranendonk of the University of New South Wales and director of the Australian Center for Astrobiology.

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