Dating insecure woman

by  |  01-Nov-2019 07:06

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Ive been with my girl for 10 months, recently moved in together, and for the most part we have a close and loving relationship. She is attractive, intelligent, driven and has a great sense of humor.

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‘If you are afraid to tell them anything in fear of being yelled at or getting negative comments.’ 8.

‘Gift giving and tallying up favors they did for you and using those as leverage in arguments.’ 9.

‘When they try to control how you spend your time and tell you who you can and cannot hang out with.’ 6.

‘When anything happens they make it your fault and you are always wrong.’ 7.

A week doesnt go by without her telling me how much she loves me, how happy she is and how shes never felt so strongly about anyone else before.

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