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I plastered my walls with Oscar Wilde posters, devoured everything Dickens ever wrote, and was weirdly attracted to Heathcliff.

In college it began to dawn on me that the 19th-century wasn’t a particularly great time to be a woman.

People lived to an average age of just 40 in 19th-century England, but that number is deceiving.

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Beeton's Book of Household Management were popular.

Balls and dances were the means by which a young girl was introduced into Society.

Courtship in the Middle Ages was often a matter of parents negotiating in order to increase the family’s power or wealth.

Status, property, and wealth were the deal makers or breakers.

Courtship and Marriage in Victorian England draws on little-known conduct books, letter-writing manuals, domestic guidebooks, periodical articles, letters, and novels to reveal what the period equivalents of "dating" and "tying the knot" were like in the Victorian era.

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