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by  |  17-Oct-2019 19:20

I do not profess to have all the answers - I have not found my own perfect partner yet - but through researching my book on the subject, I gained some invaluable insight into this brave new world.

Online Dating is no longer sneered at, thank goodness, and is no longer thought of as the refuge of the "desperate".

Millions of people the world over are seeking, and finding, a partner on the internet, so there should be no awkwardness about admitting that you have joined an online dating site.

In 6 months we speak almost everyday,so I started to like him alot.

He called his wife monster,how she is temperament,cry whole the time,she want marriage consueling but he didn't wanted to go because he don't love her anymore.

I meet this married man via facebook, he invited me to visit him in his state, but I saw he is married and have a kids, and then he told me he is an adult and his wife don't interfere in his bussines,they do not talk with eachother,he don't love her and other disgusting lies. First I said to myself: "Ok, I will be with him because of money,because I live poor,and plus he is good in bad,if he lie I have nothing to lost" ,and I told myself I will not fell in love with him. I started after first sex to have some feelings toward him, I asked him many times "Don't lie to me,if you are not serous with me,tell me the truth ,and we must stop" but he always begged me to keep in contact with him,and how I'm very "important" to him.

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