Free chat rooms for fucking - Dating a crazy woman

by  |  30-Jan-2020 23:47

For all of you politically correct mongrels out there, by “crazy” I mean emotionally unstable.

Some of you may be thinking, “ha, isn’t that every woman?

Purposefully making your man jealous is child's play.

Questions like, “Do you see yourself getting married? However, if a girl starts spewing any of the following questions after only a few months—get the fuck out: “What do you think our wedding song should be? Because I have a few picked out on Pinterest already.” “What color scheme do you think would work best for our fall wedding? If any girl is planning your wedding before you’ve even said “I love you,” it’s safe to assume there’s a screw loose.

I often call these girls “projectors,” for the obvious reason that they project a future for themselves that doesn’t exist (you can also call them delusional, that works too). It just comes with the territory of being a heterosexual male.

I, for one, tend to live inside my head too much, overthinking his every gesture and ruining that cocoon of happiness. You're constantly spilling his every move to your girl squad. You have too many glasses of wine and suddenly your fingers are firing off a series of drunken texts to your guy. If you find yourself e-screaming about how he won't let you meet his mom, however, you may have moved on to Level 3 crazy.

Don't accidentally like a pic or respond to the girl who left heart eyes under his pic. When you swept through his Instagram to see if he was actually at the house party he said he was going to, we let it slide.

most of them are at least somewhat more narcissistic women).

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