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WIPO informs that the first of several important amendments to the Madrid System’s Common Regulations has taken place.

Starting from July 1, 2017, holders of an international registrationare now able to introduce or change information concerning their legal nature, as well as request changes to the name and address on record with WIPO, using a single Form MM9.

The carrying of tapers figures among the marks of respect prescribed to be shown to the highest dignitaries of the Roman Empire in the "Notitia Dignitatum Imperii".

We must not forget that most of these adjuncts to worship, like music, lights, perfumes, ablutions, floral decorations, canopies, fans, screens, bells, vestments, etc.

were not identified with any idolatrous cult in particular; they were common to almost all cults.

Recent protests by the indigenous Rapa Nui on Easter Island against Chilean rule have led to violence against the Rapa Nui by the Chilean police.

Rapa Nui are believed to have settled Easter Island between 3 CE.

We have received so many questions on how to travel with two passports that we created an e Book!

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