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Two brave classmates gave their all during that conflict.

This information was provided to insinuates that PAW is able to raise rates at will, arguing in the article that “thousands of low-income people must pay exorbitant prices” for water while featuring quotes that question whether “these rate increases are for …

improving the pockets of investors.” Here are key facts that didn’t make it into the story: First, under all models of private operation, water rates are set and approved by a municipality, state utility commission or another public authority.

The investment in Coatesville’s wastewater treatment facility was required to resolve environmental issues that the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection had identified in a Consent Order dated November 30, 2005, pertaining to hydraulic overloads at the wastewater plant.

The new facility replaced an antiquated plant dating back to 1932.

His brother flew fighter jets from carriers armored with Coatesville steel when he was Capt. 11, 2001, attack sites — USS New York, USS Arlington, USS Somerset.

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