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He put the book down and immediately had an encounter experience with the Lord. Di Giulio exclaimed, “It changed my life, changed my outlook on life, made me realize that the Lord is really real and this Faith is worthwhile living.” It was then that he believed that the best way he could serve Jesus would be to become a priest.

He said, “I can only describe it because I can’t put my finger on what it was. Fresh from that experience he walked into the kitchen, sat down, and told his mother he was going to become a priest. When she relayed the message to his father, he was not happy either.

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He recalled that he never thought about the possibility of becoming a priest until he was “struck” by the Holy Spirit while studying for a high school Latin test.

He was not really enthusiastic about church while he was growing up recalling, “I was drifting away as I was getting to be an older teenager and quite possibly would have left the church after a while the way I was going.” During a senior year retreat, a priest spoke about vocations to the priesthood.

Which, under certain circumstances, could be perfectly fine ingredients, as long as they were not rendered.

Unfortunately, meat meals are typically the result of rendering, a process involving one of the meat industry’s most revolting aspects of dealing with slaughterhouse waste.

The “Italian Festival”, considered the nation’s second largest street festival, will be a street festival no more.

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