Are robin and patrick dating in real life

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He's shared on-screen kisses with beauties such as Victoria Principal and Suzanne Somers, but Patrick Duffy only has eyes for one lady.

"The one I kiss off-camera every night before I go to sleep," the 65-year-old assures ) as he does in his private life.

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In 1997, she exchanged vows of commitment with her college girlfriend, Rebecca.

In 2005, she exchanged vows again, with Robin, a man she now refers to as her husband. "You have to make your vows short," she wrote afterward, "when they're going to be said six times." The two entered into what is known as a polyamorous triad relationship, or a "poly triad." Miriam, Rebecca and Robin each wear two rings on their left hands. In an essay titled "And Baby Makes Four" on, Miriam remembers the child of a friend asking why some kids have three parents.

In today's fascinating couple alert, Lady Jennifer Garner, 43, and Mc Dreamy (RIP), are in the midst of a clandestine romance, marked by lots of texting and Skyping.

The pair, both recently divorced (Patrick was married to makeup artist, Jillian Fink) met on the set of the critically un-acclaimed film OK!

At least, judging by media attention — social or otherwise — one might come to that conclusion.

Are robin and patrick dating in real life

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