Are josh and ryder dating on destination truth

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So, I think that the real challenge for us is to be as respectful as possible of these beliefs.These are stories and legends that really define Irish culture.o we’re excited to go over there and take these great stories - some of which you’ll be seeing on the night of the live show - from these eyewitnesses, to investigating their claims and seeing if we can put a face to what they’re seeing, hearing and of the things that makes it so impressive is how pristine it is.

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And yes, there is a lot of investigating and running around in the dark - which is a fun draw of the show. For instance, the show is working with SETI (the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) to send an outer space, crowdsourced reply to the "Wow! Erin Ryder joined us to discuss her leap from monsters to aliens, and open up about the science, skepticism - and lots of bleeped-out swear words - of Chasing UFOs, along with some inside info on the new season (and future) of Destination Truth.

Patrick's Day, season 4.5 of Syfy's hit adventure reality series Destination Truth premiered with its first-ever LIVE case in Ireland where host Josh Gates and his team investigated the ruins of Duckett's Grove Castle in search of the truth behind the legend of the banshee. Prior to the Ireland investigation, Josh spoke with myself along with other journalists about the live event as well as this season's new episodes. There are these amazing ghost stories about these abandoned whaling stations and science facilities down at the bottom of the world, and we actually sailed from the bottom of South America.

Hint: If you’re a Josh Gates, Expedition Unknown loyalist, you’re going to love this one, too.

If there’s one thing Josh knows how to do better than search for evidence, it’s how to let off some steam after clocking out.

At the tarmac of the airport, the president of The Philippines made a surprise appearance to help the typhoon vitims and the team volunteered in distributing the goods.

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